Turmeric: a spice for all seasons

  Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard that turmeric is the new “superfood”. It’s interesting to note that my herbal medicine lecturers were banging on about it back in my student days over 15 years ago! However, modern medicine is slowly catching up and

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Laughter: have you had your daily dose today?

Laughter and why we need it: Our world is a busy place. Often we can get caught up in the business of everyday life, and things can start to get a little too serious. The media is forever reporting all the disastrous events of the day, which can promote feelings

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The Anxiety Solution: 3 Easy Ways to Help

The Anxiety Solution: What is anxiety? Anxiety is the feeling of fear, that something bad is about to happen. To begin with, it can manifest as stress, but over time, prolonged stress can erode our resilience and create feelings of overwhelm, helplessness and fear. When we feel anxious, our adrenal

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Caffeine: is it really that bad?

How does caffeine affect you? Our love of coffee is no secret in the western world. These days, many homes have state of the art coffee machines and coffee making has become quite a skill! It’s such a popular thing that there is a cafe on nearly every corner! In