August 1, 2017 News

Is sitting is the new smoking? Make a stand!

    Sitting has been described recently as a bad for us. How could this be so? Surely, resting our weary bodies is a good thing?   Recent research is discovering that prolonged time in our chairs can have detrimental health effects. These include increased risk of high blood sugar,

July 10, 2017 Nutrition ,

Hello sunshine! Why you need Vitamin D.

We know that Vitamin D is good for us, yes? And the skin makes it after exposure to the sun? Well, Vitamin D is actually considered more of a hormone, than a vitamin. This is because it is produced in one part of the body, and released into the blood

May 25, 2017 Treatments ,

3 Myths about Naturopaths

There are loads of great Naturopaths out there, especially in the Torquay and Surf coast area that I live. We all bring expertise in fields that interest us, however, we love treating any condition that presents itself to us. However, there is a lot

May 5, 2017 News , ,

Are we having Fun yet?

As part of my case history taking, I often ask my clients what they do for fun. Most of the time, I get a blank look and they can’t give me an answer. Some people say they like to catch up for coffee or drinks with friends, or they organise activities for their children. But I ask them again, what else do YOU do just for fun for yourself?