Hello there, I’m Lynda Harding. Thanks for visiting this web page. You are probably here looking for answers to a health issue. Perhaps you have tried to research and treat yourself with little success. Or you are tired of taking pharmacy medications and are wanting to try something different. Well, help is here for you if you are ready!


I have always been drawn to occupations that help others. Nursing was a profession that seemed a wonderful way to be of service, so I spent a number of years working in medical and surgical wards in a busy Melbourne hospital. However, I noticed that many people with more chronic conditions were taking multiple medications and not getting better. In fact, they seemed to be getting worse. Over time, I grew disillusioned with the medical model and wondered if there was a better way.


Thankfully, I stumbled on  Naturopathy and haven’t looked back!


Recently, after a health scare of my own, I had to radically change my diet and outlook on life. The alternative option was to take lifelong medication. Thankfully natural medicine was there to assist me.


I understand that you may be struggling with a health issue and need answers. This problem could be taking a toll on your work performance, emotional well-being or even your finances. Don’t let your problem negatively impact your life any longer! My focus is to gently guide you with easy to manage actions that will make a real positive difference to how you feel each day.


I am passionate about optimal health, nutrition and the use of food as medicine.  It is my mission to assist as many people as I can to live happier healthier lives. I am particularly interested in digestive and thyroid health and helping women of all ages manage their hormones and feel younger again.


You are not alone. Now is the time for your very own health transformation. Don’t wait another day! You will have more energy, feel happier and more confident. Book a consultation on the link below and let’s start working together for a positive future for you.


Other information:

Lynda is an experienced public speaker, and with years of experience as a children’s nurse, she is available to speak at parents / school groups about infants’ and children’s health and nutrition.

Lynda believes in the body’s own innate ability to heal, so tailors her treatments with this in mind.



  • Lynda Harding graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy 2007.


Professional Memberships

  • She is a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA).


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